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Spiritual Village

About Spiritual Village

Serenity, the village at Spiritual village is a lush place where east meets the west. It is equipped with modern amenities and technology of the west combined with the wisdom, serenity, meditation and spirituality of the East.

The village, with its state-of-the-art Retreat and Healing Center sprawling across an area of 125 acres, is a farm that is home to organic and herbal gardens, nature gardens, lakes and Trails and Skywalk to support holistic well-being of an Individual.

The premises will be developed with a strict no-pollution, environment-friendly policy with the Electric Vehicles that will be used for internal transportation within the campus, with an aim to reconnect and align with the nature.

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An ideal place, away from the hustle of the city, yet a 45-minute drive from Dallas, for those who wish to indulge in an ocean of serenity to rejuvenate and rediscover their true self. Whether you want to stay active or jump-start your energies, there are plenty of activities to keep you moving. Outback hikes, boating, mountain biking, yoga hiking, trail running, challenge courses, and rock climbing are all located minutes away from the resort.

Serenity is located within a short distance from Lake Texoma, Eisenhower State Park and Thakkar Family Ranch, making it the perfect weekend getaway for both couples and families.